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Welcome to Mr. Twisty's World

Dive into the heart of fun with Mr. Twisty, the region's premier entertainer for kids and families! Whether it's a burst of laughter or a burst of color, Mr. Twisty's shows are packed with moments that turn any day into a celebration.

Man in costume with balloons and confetti.

Birthday Tips

For Parents
Two colorful party hats with pompoms.

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Colorful mascot logo "Mr. Twisty" with sneakers and cap.

Birthday Buddy

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Colorful cartoon character for Birthday Buddy game.











Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.
Meet Mr. Twisty

The Capital Region's Best Children Entertainer

Dive into the whimsical world of Mr. Twisty, the Capital Region's premier children's entertainer, where every performance is a journey into magic and laughter. With a heart as big as his balloon creations, Mr. Twisty's ultimate mission is to ensure every child feels cherished and extraordinary.

Crafting personalized experiences that celebrate the uniqueness of each child.
Transforming ordinary birthdays into extraordinary adventures filled with joy and wonder.

What Our Customers Say

Colorful mascot logo "Mr. Twisty" with sneakers and cap.

Donna B

“We hired Mr. Twisty to perform magic and make balloons at our wedding and he was very entertaining. Our guests were very pleased and it really made the reception a lot of fun. I highly recommend him not only children’s functions but for adult functions as well!!”

Colorful mascot logo "Mr. Twisty" with sneakers and cap.

Ben Dreidel

“Always entertaining and a great person!”

Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.

Sharon Lawless

“Mr. Twisty is an amazing entertainer. He's relatable to kids of all ages, including parents. He's genuine, funny, and just good-natured fun.”

Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.

Meaghan Tuohy

"Mr. Twisty also wanted to tell you my (now adult) kids have wonderful memories of you at The Thompson House. Your visit was always a highlight of our week. Thank you!"

Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.

Rob Fabio

"My Twisty rocks!! Sunnyhill needs u back"

Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.

Caitlin Lloyd-Traudt

"I'm 32 and was just driving down the road thinking I was sad because I feel like my son will never get to experience Mr. Twisty out at a restaurant. I never see anything like that anymore. I still remember begging to going to Applebees every Tuesday to see Mr. Twisty and get my animal balloon creation"

Cartoon character "Mr. Twisty" with colorful hat and sneakers.

Jeness Maresa

"My kids are in their late teens now, but many years ago we saw you at Grinnell Library in Wappingers Falls and it was the most fun and memorable experience."

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Published Books

Chad Currin, AKA, Mr. Twisty has published books. Order online through this website or see us on Amazon.
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Birthday Buddy Book & Plush Combo



Embark on a captivating journey with the Birthday Buddy Book & Plush Combo, where heartwarming tales and cuddly companionship come together to celebrate your child’s special day. This delightful set includes a beautifully illustrated storybook and a huggable plush toy, crafted to spark joy and imagination in children of all ages.

The “Birthday Buddy” book whisks readers away to a whimsical world where Birthday Buddies weave magic and excitement for every child’s birthday. Filled with vibrant illustrations, the story encapsulates the essence of childhood wonder, following the Birthday Buddies on their mission to ensure every birthday is filled with laughter, joy, and memorable moments.

Accompanying the book is an adorable plush representation of the Birthday Buddy, ready to become your child’s new best friend. Made with soft, high-quality materials, it’s perfect for snuggles, playtime, and becoming a cherished part of birthday traditions for years to come.

Gift your little one the magic of the Birthday Buddy Book & Plush Combo and watch as they revel in the enchantment of birthdays every day of the year!

Celebrate with the Birthday Buddy Book & Plush Combo, your child’s gateway to a world of birthday magic. Enjoy a heartwarming story and cherish a soft, lovable plush, creating unforgettable birthday moments and lasting memories.

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Colorful plush toy with whimsical design.
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Birthday Buddy: The Magical Countdown Companion for Every Birthday!

Just like the beloved Elf brings Christmas cheer, Birthday Buddy is here to make every birthday magical. Imagine a whimsical pal who pops up to celebrate and count down to your child's special day with excitement and surprises! It's a lifelong friendship filled with enchantment, leading up to a birthday celebration they'll never forget.
Coming soon in April 2024, join us in the grand unveiling of the Birthday Buddies book and plush combo - a heartfelt creation by Mr. Twisty himself.

This isn't just a storybook or a cuddly toy; it's a gateway to a world where every birthday is an adventure and every child is the hero of their own magical tale.

A Celebration Awaits in Every Spark of Magic

Step into a land brimming with enchantment, where Birthday Buddy eagerly awaits to bring a twinkle to each child’s special day. These mystical companions are not just characters; they are custodians of joy, guardians of giggles, and architects of awe, dedicated to making birthday dreams come true.
Every child is paired with a Birthday Buddy, a match spun from the magical threads of imagination and anticipation. Together, they embark on a pre-birthday voyage, charting a course through the skies of excitement and oceans of delight.
Your Birthday Buddy is a maestro of merriment, planning your special day with the greatest of care. They promise a day peppered with magic and draped in wonder.
On the morning of your jubilee, as the horizon blushes with the first kiss of sunlight, your Birthday Buddy emerges. They bring with them a festival of balloons, a cascade of confetti, and the purest of joy, ensuring your day is as special as you are.
Colorful cartoon character for Birthday Buddy game.

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